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The Computer Recycling Company That Comes to You

Save time and money by letting T M Witherspoon come to you and pick up your recycling. Whether your company accumulates a lot of e-scrap, or it's time to clean out your office, we're the recyclers that offer solutions that are specially customized to your needs. In addition to offering a customized recycling service, we also recycle electronics such as:

Computer Systems & Accessories

• All-in-Ones
• CPUs
• Hard Drives
• Hubs
• Laptops
• Keyboards
• Mice
• Optical Drives
• POS Systems
• Video Cards
• Software
• Wires & Cables
• Switches
• Servers
• Speakers
• UPS Systems
• Networking
• All PCI Cards Equipment Including Video, Audio, & Graphics

Handheld Devices

• Tablets
• iPods
• Smartphones
• Pagers
• PDAs 
• Two-Way Radios

Office Equipment

• Fax Machines
• Laminating Machines
• Photo Copiers
• Printers
• Scanners
• Surge Protectors
• Telephones
• Shipping & Receiving
• Ink & Toner Cartridges

Pricing and Contract Information

We offer one-time pickup and extended contracts for our services. There are no minimums or maximums for our recycling pickup. Please call us for details on our pricing.